If you knew me early in my career, you might be shocked to learn that I teach people how to tell stories as my job — because I would have bore the socks off of you with a string of details and not get anywhere. I didn’t know how to tell a story.

As part of a leadership program I was in, there was a session on storytelling. I was honestly terrified because I had nothing in my history to make me believe that I could learn this.

But learn I did. And then I started teaching leaders in my organization and saw the incredible impact they were having on the employees.

And today, this is the main focus of what I do: I help leaders find their voice and craft compelling stories to build credibility, trust, and confidence. All with sparkle.

A little bit about me personally: I spend a lot of my time serving on boards and committees for the Jewish community and PACT, a local professional organization for Learning & Development. When Iā€™m not in a board meeting, I love to read, play tabletop games with my husband, Eric, our three kids, and our friends. I also love trying new coffee shops!

As for my professional background, I have 20 years of experience in Communications and Learning & Development across a variety of industries, and I regularly use skills from my time doing theater and speech team growing up.